chapin 61900 backpack sprayer 4 gallon

The Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer is definitely a step above the standard pump sprayers that you carry around either by a hand grip or some cheap strap. These backpack sprayers are definitely made to reduce the amount of stress on the body and to handle heavy home and commercial use.

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If you have never used a backpack sprayer before, now is the time to try one.  The fit nicely on your back which relieves stress on your arms and have a ton of features that help you do a great job.  Features like pressure gauges, adjustments etc.

Main Advantages of the Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer

Amazon-Price-Deal-ButtonThe Chapin backpack sprayer is definitely a step up in terms of quality and available options.

First off, you will notice that this sprayer has a filtered opening. This basically is a micro-fiber type screen that will catch any dirt or debris that may be in your chemical or fall in when you tip the container to fill up the sprayer. This reduces any chance that the sprayer wand or nozzle may become clogged.

An included pressure gauge. This is something that you generally on do see on the quality sprayers. When you do not have a gauge, you are just kind of pumping away and guessing how much pressure is in the container. There isn’t any way to get consistent results without a gauge. The gauge also ends up saving you a lot of time, stopping and re-pumping because you didn’t put enough pressure in it.

The unit has an adjustable pressure regulator which is great. You can adjust anywhere from 15 – 60 PSI. Obviously different applications require different pressures, this backpack sprayer has you covered.

You will also get added security because this model includes an in-tank removable filter. Again, a second stage in protecting against any debris getting stuck in the wand and nozzle mechanisms.

Chapin 61900 Product Features

  • 4-Inch filtered opening
  • Pressure gauge for maximum efficiency
  • Pressure control 15-60 PSI
  • In-tank removable filter
  • Adjustable cone and fan nozzle

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Chapin Backpack Sprayer Guide Review

This sprayer is definitely a rock solid buy at any price. It has all the features you are going to need to do a great job, the way you think it should be done. There are so many great reviews on this product, Here are a few:

Great sprayer!
I’ve long wanted to get a backpack sprayer like this one so I could avoid having to refill the little 1 gallon sprayer every 10 minutes. Read more

Home Owner
I simply enjoy the ease of this product. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and using it on all my yard, trees and garden. Read more

My Recommendation:

If you have any spraying needs around your home or business, this sprayer definitely is there to do the job. It has the features you look for in a sprayer, it has added protection against the wand and nozzle getting clogged and it has a great four gallon capacity.

The Chapin 61900 easily gets my vote as one of the best backpack sprayers you are going to find available. You can feel confident with this purchase.

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