SoloSolo Sprayers are amongst the best sprayers you can get on the market hands down. They have a wide selection of different sprayers such as backpack sprayers, hand pump sprayers, hose end sprayers and many more specialized units.

When dealing with Solo products, you are dealing with quality customer service, quality products, quality designs and products that get the job done with the end user in mind. You simply can’t go wrong with any of the sprayers that are in the Solo Sprayer lineup.

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solo 425 backpack sprayer
Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer
  • High-performance piston pump for increased pressure capabilities
  • Extra large tank openings for easier filling and cleaning
  • 28-Inch unbreakable wand provides excellent reach
  • Chemical resistant seals provide outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Four-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks
Solo 465 2 gallon stainless sprayer
Solo 465 2-Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer
  • Extra-large T-style handle for two-handed pumping
  • Durable brass wand and brass adjustable nozzle
  • 48-inch reinforced nylon hose for extended reach
  • Multiple nozzles included: flat fan, jet stream, hollow cone and brass adjustable for various spraying jobs
  • Chemical-resistant seals for outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals
solo 418 1 liter hand pressure sprayer
Solo 418 1-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer
  • Chemical resistant seals for extended use with harsh chemicals
  • Multi-directional nozzle allows spraying from all positions
  • Unique drift/drip guard provides added control for spot treatment
  • Locking trigger reduces user fatigue
  • Pressure relief valve releases excess pressure

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Backpack Sprayer

solo 425 backpack sprayerThe Solo 425 is what I consider to be the best Solo sprayer. Obviously this is going to depend on your needs, but this sprayer pretty much gives you versatility in use.

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The Solo 425 backpack sprayer has several small details that really make a difference. When you get this unit, you notice the extra wide tank openings. This allows you to be able to pour your chemicals into the unit without spilling and more importantly, allows you to reach in and make cleaning a snap.

No small wand here! This unit has a 28 inch wand. Having a larger wand allows you to get a more solid and focused stream. This prevents you from needing to slump over to get the spray close to the item you are spraying.

The unit comes with four nozzle assortments that will give you the versatility to do weeding, gardening, lawn spraying, bug spraying etc. The tips are durable and easy to change out on the fly.

There are many great reviews on the Solo 425, here are a few of them:

Great sprayer
I live in the country & have 2 acres. I spray weeds, bushes, wasp, etc. In the past it got old spraying for 2 minutes then stop & pump for 1 minute. Read More

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Solo 465 2-Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer

Solo 465 2 gallon stainless sprayerThe Solo 465 is another great unit that gets extremely positive reviews.  Just the fact that Solo went with a stainless steel tank shows that quality is top notch for this sprayer.  There really is no need to go with a larger sprayer such as a 4 gallon if you only are using your sprayer to spray a couple areas of bugs or weeds.  If that’s the case, this is a great little unit for you.

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The T-bar on the top of the pump makes it very easy to carry and since it’s only a 2 gallon unit, the weight really isn’t going to be an issue here.

One that that many reviewers and myself liked about this 465 was the fact that there’s a 48 inch hose on this sprayer.  I have used sprayers in the past where the hose really didn’t allow me to reach around and get the spray exactly where I wanted it.  This unit covers that.

Customer reviews are great on this unit, here’s one of them. 

Durable stainless steel sprayer.
This is a well made weed or bug sprayer of very high quality.Price is good and it has a capacity of 2 gallons.  Read More

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Solo 418 1-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

solo 418 1 liter hand pressure sprayerThe Solo 418 needed to be on this review guide.  Even thought it isn’t one of the backpack sprayers or 4 gallon hand sprayers, it is one of the best rated Solo sprayers, which this page is about.

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The Solo 418 hand sprayer works very well for getting rid of insect nests, weeds that may be cropping up around a door frame or simply watering potted plants.  Obviously there are many uses for it.  One thing that you are going to like about this unit is that the tip has a certain utility on it that allows you to really focus your mist into one tiny spot.  Alternatively, this unit puts out a super fine “mist” which makes it great for misting plants.

Many of the reviewers state that they use it exclusively for smaller plants and indoor gardening.  Just thinking right now, this would be an excellent sprayer to use in our front sun room that we had built last year.

There are many reviews on this model, here is just one of them:

Awesome plant mister!
This sprayer is perfect for misting plants. The quality is exceptional; it comes fully assembled; and works perfectly right out of the box. Very easy to use, as well.  Read More

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Solo sprayers are hands down one of the best brands of sprayers you can get.  Not only are they quality, but they have a quality design and quality customer service to back them up.  Get one today and be spraying tomorrow.