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Gilmour 362 hose end sprayer

The Gilmour 362 Hose End Sprayer is a great choice for a simple hose end sprayer that is going to get the job done and be durable at the same time. This sprayer is typically used for spraying lawns or applying other types of chemicals to gardens and sidewalks.

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If you are looking for a good hose end sprayer to wash cars, boats, siding, sidewalks etc, you may want to take a look at the Gilmour 75QGFMR Foamaster. Alternatively, you can read my Gilmour Foam Master Review Guide. The main difference is that the Foam Master gives you an added option via attachment to get a nice foam spray which works great with soap.

Gilmour 362 Main Benefits And Uses

Amazon-Price-Deal-ButtonThe first thing you will notice about the Gilmour 362 is the fact that it is built with a very solid construction and has a durable brass selection dial.  The hose attachment resembles a standard hose end sprayer which makes it very comfortable and familiar to use.

Some hose end sprayers have weird handles that really take some getting used too and at the end of the day, you may just find that weird handle configurations make your hand hurt.  Definitely not the case with the Gilmour 362.

The brass dial settings are very easy to adjust and can adjust from 1 to 10 tablespoons.  The dial increments in 1 tablespoon notches, so it is easy to dial in.

The water deflector is a piece that adjusts how your water is applied.  You can have a simple stream or you can adjust it to fan the water out.  The deflector can be rotated to either side on any angle for tight and hard to reach spaces.  When you remove the deflector completely, you can get up to 30 foot spraying power.  This is great for spraying into trees and bushes.

Gilmour Hose End Sprayer Guide Review

This is one of the most popular hose end sprayers that you will find on  The simplistic design along with durability make it an easy choice.  The reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  Here are just a few:

Gilmour 362 Professional All Purpose Sprayer
Gilmour 362 Professional No Pre-Mix Sprayer is awesome. Honestly the extra $5-6 dollars it cost over the plastic competition to purchase this is well worth it. Read more
Gilmour hose-end sprayer
This product is simply the best I’ve ever used. I will not mention other brands but will say they simply do not compete. It is extremely well made, easy to use & easy to clean. Read more

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My Recommendation

If you are in the market for a durable hose end sprayer with the features to do a great job every time it’s used, you should buy this sprayer today.  The customer reviews don’t lie.  I’ve seen one guy mentioned using these same sprayers since 1972.  This is definitely a unit that will be in your shop or tool shed for many years to come.  You can feel confident making this purchase for sure.

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Gilmour 75QGFMR Foamaster Sprayer Nozzle

The Gilmour 75QGFMR Foamaster Adjustable Hose End Sprayer is one of the most popular “hose end” sprayers. This model is made for cleaning and sanitizing. Many people have used these to clean their cars, boats, decks, siding or anything that will require a solvent for cleaning.

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If you really don’t have a use for the “foaming action” or just need a simple sprayer for spraying lawn chemicals you may want to have a look at another great Gilmour product, the Gilmour 362 Professional No Pre-Mix Sprayer you can read my Gilmour 362 Review Guide to learn more about it.

Main Advantage Of Using The Foam Master

Amazon-Price-Deal-ButtonThe main advantage you get with the Gilmour Foam Gun is that you are treating the surface of the item to be cleaned with fresh detergent and fresh rinse water.

When you are cleaning with a bucket and a sponge for example, you dip your sponge right back into a bucket that contains all of the dirt and grime that you just wiped off. If you think about it, it doesn’t really make much sense at all. No matter how hard you try, you won’t get a clean like you get with this sprayer.

Gilmour 75QGFMR Features

  • Mixes and sprays foaming foaming chemicals accurately
  • Comes with two options for spraying. The foaming nozzle attachment gives a great foaming action. If you want to have a solid stream, you simply remove the attachment. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Also, I like the simplicity, there’s no complex parts to break.
  • The bottle is fully chemical resistant and made from polyethylene.
  • Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 oz. per gallon
  • Made in USA.

Gilmour Foam Master Guide Review

The great news about the Gilmour Foam Master Hose End Sprayer is that it’s a very simple design that attatches to any standard garden hose. With the foaming attatchment and the adjustable ratio, you are going to get a solid product that will last for years.

You can reference the CUSTOMER REVIEWS and see that this garden hose sprayer recieves excellent reviews. Here are just two of them:

Great Foam Gun
This Foam Gun is honestly the best purchase I’ve made for washing my car. Easy to set up and use and you can set the ratio of water to soap. Read more

The constriction of this device is quality many handy little features such as the foamer on the front can disconnect so you can quickly and easily rinse your car! Read more

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My Recommendation:

This one looks like a no-brainer. As I have stated before, the Gilmour 75QGFMR is a very simple design which gives you quality and a great result. No need to mess and fuzz and buy some fancy pressure washer, simply add your detergent, screw this on to your hose and select your ratio. I’m sure that once you use this on your first project, you will run around cleaning everything with it. For the price, I am extremely confident in saying this hose end sprayer/cleaner should be in your arsenal today.

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